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Like many modern organisations, the Association is by its nature a collective of members from multiple geographical locations around the world. Digital communications allow the Association to function and carry out its purpose, as described in Article III of the Association's Bylaws (The Bylaws); a copy can be downloaded below. It is highly desirable that all members, Executive Committee, Board members and volunteers of the Association collaboratively adhere to guidelines for digital communications. It is useful to to be very mindful that our Crawford origins lie in a rich history that saw our family scatter to all corners of the globe.

Outside of the members forum that exists on this site, Members of the Association have created Facebook forums to enable all Crawfords, whether they be members of the Association or not, a place to come and collaborate either socially, or at a level of specific research. The Clan Crawford Association itself does not support CCA Facebook pages except with submission of posts that relate to the allowed content on these pages.  CCA is not an admin official for independent Facebook pages and does not control what can or cannot be posted.  We do, however support the goals and purpose of the Facebook pages and encourage all Crawford family members to contribute postings within the rules of each Facebook forum.

Clan Crawford Association - Structure

The Clan Crawford Association was incorporated 20 JUN 2006 in the United States and is also legally registered under the name The House of Crawford. The Executive and Board of Directors approved the governing By-Laws (Amended 15 DECEMBER 2015) by way of a Special Meeting of the Clan Crawford Association Board Saturday January 9th, 2016. The Executive Committee was first elected 21st NOV, 2006. The current officers are as follows:

CCA Executive

Executive Committee


Board of Directors (2013 February)


Joanne Crawford, PhD




First Alternate



Austral-Asia (AUS, NZ, Islands, Asia)

Julian Crawford

Ian Crawford

Vice President

Raymond Crawfurd



Abre Crafford

Carel Crafford


Peter Crawford


California and Latin America

Syd Crawford-Reyes

Barbara Crawford


Fred Crawford



John Crawford

Ryan Crawford




British Isles and Europe

John Crawford

David Cummings

Ex Officio Members

Sir Robert and Lady Georgina Craufurd


US Pacific (OR, WA, AK, HI)

Bruce Crawford

Terry Pea




US Midwest (IA, ND, SD, NE, KS, MO, MN, WI, IL)

Kevin K Crawford

Steve Crawford

Legal Counsel


US Mountain (ID, UT, MT, WY CO, NM, AZ, NV)

Don Marion Crawford

Adam Crawford

Chair, Board of Directors

Brian Crawford, LLD


US Northeast (NY, NY, PA, OH, IN, MI, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME)

Christina Crawford-Oppenheimer

Stephen Crawford




US South Central (TX, OK, LA, AR, MS, AL, KY, TN)

Karen Crawford

Don Crawford



US Souththeast (NC, SC, FL, VA, WV, GA, MD, DE, DC, Caribbean)

Mary Crawford

Craig Crawford



Sweden (Non-voting Observer Status)

Carl Crafoord

Gôren Crafoord

Executive Committee Bio's

Joanne Crawford, Ph.D., President
Joanne CrawfordI was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1942 of American Methodist missionary parents. I grew up between Chile and the US. I have a twin sister Pennie and two younger brothers, Randy and Brian. I have two daughters Amaya and Tamara and four grandchildren. My university studies were at the University of Washington, Columbia University, the University of Barcelona and Chapman University. I served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Pakistan from 1963-1965. As an adult I lived in Spain for 20 years. Since 1990 I have been back in the US.

I have been a psychologist for some 40 years and am now retired. I taught psychology and psychological anthropology at the University of the Basque Country for twenty years and have been in private practice both in Spain and in the US. I trained as a psychoanalyst and this interest has been a significant aspect of my professional life. I’ve also worked as a school psychologist. I currently live in California, enjoying the unconventional Berkeley scene. In terms of interests and hobbies, our House of Crawford is the most important. I have had many other enjoyable pastimes. They include travel, sailing, swimming, and reading, especially archaeology, historic social movements, detective and novels of intrigue & science fiction. Psychological anthropology and psycho-history have also been important interests. These interests have molded my perspective on life and my view of the world. My personal e-mail:

My Earliest Identified Ancestor (EIA) is Edward Crawford of Tennessee (born c1765, died 1826. Edward had 15 children. This family has proliferated and consists today of over 3,000 descendants from Edward and his two wives. He widowed and then married Abigail Trowbridge, who is my ancestor. Our Y-DNA results show us to belong to the Baidland/Ardmillan Crawford line.

Board Chair / Legal Counsel: Brian Crawford
Brian Crawford I was born in Portland, Oregon in 1956, the last of 4 children and a borderline baby-boomer. Growing up in the northwest, Asia and New York, I started in the travel agency business when I was 15. After 6 years of undergraduate work in Florida in International Relations and Political Science, with an emphasis in Latin American studies, and continuing involvement in the travel industry, I left for the South Pacific and a position as Sales and Training Manager for Air Niugini. After three years in the jungles of Papua-New Guinea I was hired by Air Botswana as their Commercial Director. I brought computers and international marketing techniques to this small national carrier in Southern Africa. Now recognized as a specialist in developing nation airlines, I was hired by the International Air Transport Association in Geneva as Manager of Industry Automation. I specialized in working with groups of member airlines on noncompetitive projects.

In 1988 I met my then future wife in Switzerland. Lisha is Dutch and Indonesian and grew up in Europe, New York and Colorado. Together we decided it was time to make some changes in our respective lives. I finished my contract with I. A. T. A., Lisha left her work in New York City as an importer of European fashion lines, and we set off around the world for a year's sojourn with Hawaii as the final destination. Hawaii was chosen because of my desire to earn a dual degree in Law and Travel Industry management from the University of Hawaii. We settled in Volcano Village just outside the national park on the Big Island of Hawaii and began with a two bedroom "B&B" that was called Chalet Kilauea. I applied to and started to attend U. H. Manoa.

I received my JD and MPS degrees in 1994 and decided that the Chalet was where I really wanted to focus. Our family began to grow in 1995 when Clarissa was born. Twins Randall and Winston came along in 1996. In 2010 I accepted a position with the State Department of the United States as a Diplomatic Courier. Posted to Frankfurt in November of that year, I handled classified material destined to over 90 consulates and embassies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Clarissa graduated from the Frankfurt International School in 2014 and is currently pursuing her BA at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

In 2014 we were re-assigned to Washington, D.C. Much of my time here has been spent servicing our hubs in Seoul, Bangkok, Pretoria and São Paulo. Our next move in August of 2016 will be to Dakar, Senegal where we will remain for three years. Randall and Winston are graduating and will be attending university at still to be disclosed locations. My personal e-mail is:

Vice President: Raymond Crawford
I was born in Calcutta in 1942. As my father worked for most of his life in India, I was sent home to England to a boarding school, as was very common then as there were so many British families working overseas. Many school holidays were spent with an aunt and uncle in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, my first experience of the country and my Scottish heritage. I am a doctor by profession. My medical schools were Oxford and King's College Hospital Medical School in London. I spent my professional life as a GP (family practitioner) in rural England. I have recently retired. After I retired I went to work in Nepal for 18 months under the auspices of the International Nepal Fellowship, treating mainly leprosy and tuberculosis which are both common out there.
My immediate family are my brothers Julian who used to live and work in Zimbabwe, and Charles who was a wine merchant and has also just retired. I have two grown-up children - Kate, a marine biologist working in Plymouth, England, and a son James, a medical Consultant in Accident and Emergency in Great Yarmouth.
My interest in the Crawfords and in particular in Crawford heraldry has continued intermittently over the years; I was collecting information piecemeal until I felt the need to put it into some sort of order. Shortly after doing this I came into contact with Kevan and Joanne Crawford, and through the Clan Association website I was, with Kevan’s editing and excellent artwork, able to put on line a reasonably full account of Crawford heraldry from a number of sources.
My own branch of the family is descended from the Crawfords of Ardmillan on the Ayrshire coast. Our branch left Scotland and settled in Sussex where we flourished, but we have never forgotten our Scottish roots. My personal e-mail is:

Treasurer: Frederick H. Crawford
A Scots/Irish descendant, living in Minnesota, U.S.A. I was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in December 1939. My family moved from Waynesboro, Virginia, to Elizabeth, New Jersey, to Culver City, California and to Lima, Ohio. I have a brother born in California and a sister born in Ohio. I have 2 daughters (twins), 2 sons and 7 grandchildren. Both sides of my family have been in this land since before the American Revolutionary War. My mother and father were the first in their families to move away from Virginia. After my schooling at the age of 23, I joined the United States Air Force and was trained as a Crypto Intercept Analyst with a Top Secret Codeword Clearance. My longest tour of duty was serving for 2-1/2 years at RAF Kirknewton, Scotland, with the U.S.A.F. Security Service. In 2013 our military group had a reunion in Edinburgh and visited the old base. I was asked to make a presentation on our mission while stationed there to members of the RAF.
After my military service, I worked for Rockwell International in manufacturing. After Rockwell, I started my own manufacturing companies, first making municipal pipe line cleaning equipment then making solar powered water pumps, all sold to customers in various parts of the world as well as municipalities in the United States. Although I should be fully retired, I currently serve as the Deputy Director, of the Armed Forces Service Center at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. We help the traveling military in, through and out of the twin cities airport, and the rewards of giving to those that serve our country, make it hard to quit.
I enjoy golf and fly-fishing. I love the outdoors, which led to my being a Boy Scout leader for 15 years. Both Carole and I were honored to receive our Districts Award of Merit and our Councils Silver Beaver Award.
With over 33 years in manufacturing, I bring experience to the CCA in the fields of business, finance and 14 years in 501c3 operations. I have been a part of the Executive Committee since 2006 and I am extremely excited to be a part of a stronger Clan Crawford Association and having a relationship with the people who have worked so hard to getting our organization to a higher level that all Crawford’s can be proud. As the CCA Treasurer, I welcome your questions and concerns and I can be contacted on my personal email address:

Secretary: Peter E. Crawford
A Scots/Irish descendant, living in the 4th Quarter of the South Pacific: I am the great grandson of Archibald Crawford who was born to a Scottish father and Irish mother in Carrickfergus in Aug-1856, and then immigrated to New Zealand in 1881 after attaining his Master Mariner's certification. (My EIA is Archibald Crawfurd, b:1698 in the Barony of Glasgow) I am one of eight children, born in Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty region of the North Island of New Zealand some 101 years after the birth of my Great Grandfather in Carrickfergus.
After leaving school and spending a few years of working in forestry related work, I moved to Wellington, retrained and started my professional IT career in the mid '80's. Early in the new millennium, I moved back to Auckland and really started digging into my families history. That is, Auckland is our family’s home-place, as this is where my Great grandfather came and settled and lived and he is buried in west Auckland. Anecdotal stories over time become a memory of the past, and there were lots of them in our family. My father encouraged me to pick up the challenge and I've became immersed in the pursuit of facts that interlock the past to what can be a complex and varied story.
In my real daytime job, I have 20 plus years experience in IT Service Delivery. I bring a wide range of experience to the CCA organisation, being no stranger to the diverse interactions of global enterprise structures, the complexitity of it's operational drivers and demanding customer facing needs. I have solid policy as well as process and procedural experience. I am a keen family researcher, and have spent many many hours over the latter part of my life researching my family history, which is how I came into contact with the Association. I look forward to working with each and all of you, as your secretary. I can be contacted on my personal email address:

Association Artifacts
The Association has an operable framework that describes the Associations purposes and Governance policies. Below (1st item) is the most recent version of the by-laws governing the functioning of the Clan Crawford Association. Below it follow the past minutes of the Board meetings by date. As a note, Board minutes are published once they are finalized and approved by the Board or the Executive Council. Until that time they are an internal document not authorized to be distributed to non-members of the Board.