Scottish Games

In Scotland and America Scottish Games have become very popular. They are well attended by those of Scottish descent and other community members often from miles around. They are held once a year. In Scotland, the Games have a long tradition going back several hundred years in a few locations, but recently also proliferating from these few locations in Scotland to many more throughout the United Kingdom. In America, some, such as the San Francisco Scottish Games, have been continuously held for 150 years. Canada has quite a few Games, though they are less extended than in the US. Australia and New Zealand are beginning to celebrate Scottish Games, but the custom of the setting up of clan tents is not extended. It is typical for Scottish games to be held at county fair grounds, but also not unusual for them to be celebrated in regional parks and other public locales. Attached are photos from past games. Please feel free to send in some photos with descriptions for posting from your own participation in games.

Scottish games are held over a wide variety of countries around the world, wherever Scots have settled. Over the last several years Crawfords have been setting up tents at games throughout the US, though not represented at all games. We welcome any Crawford willing to set up a tent. Let us know if you would like to do so. For the America's the tent coordinators for US games are Adam Crawford & Dave Anderson. In the US, some of the games will be listed on the Association of Scottish Games & Festivals website, although not all groups that put on such games are members of that particular association, so the listings are not complete.

Procedure for requesting a Clan Crawford Association $200 Tent Grant

The Association has grants for those desiring to set up a Crawford tent for the first time and beginning the tradition of doing so at a game where no Crawford tent is being set up now. $200 are provided by the grant to buy a suitable tent, a table and chairs. We have a Tent Committee that reviews the applications and will grant up to three each year. Apply to the Secretary or President

The tent grant request is to include the following information:
1. Name, Address, email and telephone number of the Clan Crawford member requesting the grant.
2. A description of the items to be purchased and the approximate cost of each item.
3. A list of the highland games or Celtic events that you will be setting up your Clan Crawford Tent. Upon approval by the Tent Committee and the CCA Treasurer, a check will be sent to the requesting individual.
4. Because, Clan Crawford Association is a 501c3 entity, registered with the IRS, we must be prepared to show that the funds were correctly used. Therefore, when the requester of the tent grant has used the funds, a copy of receipts for the items purchased must be sent to the CCA Treasurer. There is not a problem if the purchased items deviate from the submitted proposal, as long as one of the items is a tent of some kind. Grant funds cannot be used for purchasing inventory/supplies of items to be sold. If not sure of what items qualify, the requester should contact the Tent Committee for clarification.

American Games Schedules

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Rest of World Games Schedules

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How to set up a Tent

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Lea and Craig Crawford after the Parade of Clans at the Santa Clara Scottish Games in Northern California.

David Anderson and Barbara Crawford with Barbara's son Ethan Archer between them, in front of Barbara's tent at the Costa Mesa Games in Southern California.

Alexis (Crawford) Smart from the Southeast in the Crawford clan tent set up by her father Ralf. Most of these events are family friendly. We encourage you to take your children to learn about their heritage.

Ralf Smart and his family have regularly set up a tent at North Carolina Games. Ralph was one of the first of us to do so.

Fred Crawford in his tent in Saint Paul, MN. In the picture on the right he is joined by his brother Greg. They are preparing to march in the parade of clans.

Mary Crawford and Steve Crawford (left) in front of the tent set up by Mary at 2010 Ferguson, Kansas, Games. Mary and other Crawfords (right) in the 2010 Chicago Games clan parade. Mary takes the prize for the clan member who has participated in the most games.

Chip Crawford before his tent in Upstate New York (left). He is playing the bagpipes (right) in front of the collection of Crawford shields he made himself. He was one of early Crawford participants.

Terry Crawford and son Andrew at Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina. They carved the lovely stag's head crest on display above the tent. These Games last four days. They are the largest in the US.

Karen Crawford at 2015 Salado (Texas) Games. Karen is one of our very active members.

Ben, Pat and Therese Crawford in the Crawford tent at the Kilgore (TX) Games.

Kevan Crawford (on the far right) in Crawford tartan with the Scottish-American Military Society color guard during the 2010 Saint Patrick's Day parade in Salt Lake City.

Kevan Crawford before his tent in Salt Lake City Scot Fest (left). You can see into the interior of the tent (right). He has gathered a spectacular exhibit!

In line for the opening Parade of the Clans at the San Francisco Scottish Highland Gathering and Games a few years back. Dave Anderson with the standard and Craig and Lea Crawford behind him. Hidden behind our tartan flag would appear to be Jim Crawford! The rest are from other clans.

Hugh Crawford at Ventura Games in Southern California, accompanied by his grandson. Photo taken by Dave Anderson, a long time member of the Association.

What we all go to see at the Scottish Games -- the marching and playing of the pipe bands. It is always a thrill! Scotland the Brave brings tears to the eyes.

Three clans at a Washington State Games where the tent was set up by Bruce and Terry. Here we see a group Photo with their families and friends, many from the Wallaces and Lindsay clans. The Wallaces consider us family because William Wallace's mother was Margaret (~1250 - ~1297), daughter of Hugh Crauford of Loudoun. The Lindsays consider us an allied clan.

Crawford Tent in Kelso, WA set up by Bruce Crawford and Terry Pea. We see Bruce [right] with his lovely wife Carol in the background and their son Scott [left] and Scott's young family.

Tracy Crawford with Joanne Crawford at a small venue in Central California held in a local park. Tracy's tent was decorated with great care.

Crawfords in Pleasanton, California. Last year we celebrated the Sesquicentennial of the San Francisco Caledonia Club's Scottish Highland Gathering and Games. These games are always well attended, but at the 2015 Games the fair grounds were packed!. It is not unusual for us to have 30 or more sign-in visitors to the tent over the two day week-end. This year there were almost double that. Many non-Crawford friends and acquaintances stopped by and stayed a while to visit. We often had 10 to 15 keeping us company. Syd Crawford and her husband Chris Reyes set up the tent in Pleasanton every year, also at the Sacramento Scottish Games in Yolo, and at the Stockton Games. They often also go to Reno. Syd's Dad Bill Crawford always comes along as does her sister Christie. Christie makes the yummiest shortbread and each year brings a batch, often a double one. Adam Crawford, now from Sacrament (before from Idaho) and his family often come by. This year Bruce and Carol Crawford's son Scott and his family joined us. Sometimes my daughter, her hubby, and my grandchildren also come. The kids particularly love the living history area. We have great fun! The highlight of the week-end is often the Closing Ceremony with dancers, bands and pipers, and awards.