Clan Crawford Art For CCA Members

Illustrator Allen Crawford has donated artwork (see the downloadable PDFs at the bottom of this page) for clan-based Crawford gatherings. This artwork is vector-based, so it can be resized without any worry of losing resolution. Any commercial screen printer or flag maker should have no problem using these files. (Note: All Crawfords are welcome to use this art for banners and other items to celebrate their shared heritage, but please note that using this original artwork on items meant for private sale is unethical.) Members are encouraged to submit photos of this artwork in use: we'd like to feature them in the CCA Newsletter. Have fun!

CCA Arms, granted by Lord Lyon.

The crest badge of Clan Crawford.

The crest badge of Clan Crawford (color).

Banner for Crawford events.

A suggested use for the CCA arms and the Crawford crest badge: gonfalons! Art for both are below. We'd love to see these flying in the breeze!

Below is a link to order your own Crawford heraldic design for USD$150.00.


PDF icon CCAarms.pdf730.81 KB
PDF icon CCAcrestsilver.pdf841.76 KB
PDF icon CCAcrest.pdf845.91 KB
PDF icon banner2.pdf670.18 KB
PDF icon gonfalons.pdf872.6 KB