Y-DNA Project


The Clan Crawford Association has collaborated with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) to produce the Crawford Surname Project. FTDNA has the largest Y-DNA database in the world and has the greatest ability to compare your DNA with others who have taken the test to determine relationships.

The Crawford surname project has nearly 300 participants at this time, but many more are needed to obtain an adequate sample of Crawfords to draw major conclusions. We are encouraging all Crawford men to have their DNA tested and attached to the Family Tree Y-DNA database and the Crawford surname project. We are especially interested in testing more Crawford males from Scotland where we hope to obtain linkages to their ancestral home for other Crawfords in North America, Australia, and elsewhere.

Terry Barton of Worldfamilies.net cautions us to: "Be ready because the breakthrough in SNP analysis is pointing to a time when haplogroups will be branching within lineages. We will be seeing more and more lineages within their own defining haplogroup and will also be seeing multiple haplogroups within a lineage. As the SNP research fulfills its possibilities, we should see haplogroup branching tracking into modern times and connecting with our known paper trails. It is too early to be certain but what this could mean is that the DNA will reconnect the lost paper trails and allow us to understand how we are related."

Within the Crawford Surname Project the haplogroups B, E, F, I, J, Q, and R are represented. The project continues to expand in scope and in its power to detect recent common ancestors. The number of identified lineages has grown over the years and the complexity of the I1 and R1b haplogroups have been the principle cause of additional lineages. Some individuals may find that they have changed lineages while others may find that they are no longer in a lineage but have been put back into the ungrouped category. This will probably be a short stay as more individuals join the Crawford surname Project and future analysis connects new relationships.

When you click on the following link you will see a spreadsheet with haplogroups and under the haplogroups numbered lineages. When you move your mouse over the lineage name you will see a list of kit numbers. If you haven't visited the site before you should look for your kit number or the kit number of your relative to determine under which lineage they have been placed. You then can click on that lineage and you will be taken to a lineage page that contains the STR and SNP information for the those in that lineage.


The YDNA FACT SHEET PDF will provide you with additional guidance and information in interpreting your results.
The Y-DNA Administrators PDF will allow you to become better acquainted with the Administrators who update and manage the site.
The Y-DNA Utility will explain the protocol and procedure for determining lineages and TMRCA using STRs.